Here are the completed Flap ribs awaiting primer.

All 18 flap trailing edge ribs have been formed with fluting applied as necessary. The next step is to cut the lightning holes and then flange them.

The flap trailing edge ribs and the aileron trailing edge ribs are almost identical except in length. In hindsight it would have been faster if I had only made one set of form blocks for both sets of ribs. Since I have already shown these form blocks in previous sections, I'll omit those photos here.

flap trailing edge ribs

A view of the completed flap nose ribs, awaiting the refinishing process.

This photo shows the layout board, the form blocks and two of the completed flap nose ribs.

There are 26 flap nose ribs required and these must be fabricated from .025" 2024T3 aluminum. The drawings were not very clear on how many notches must be included in the rib construction so I counted the number of rivets depicted in the drawing and made a notch for each rivet.


Here I have started on the flap TE ribs and have cut out the 9 blanks for each side.

This is a view of the notched flanges as specified on the drawing. I counted the number of rivet locations shown on the drawing and layed out the flanges accordingly.  I now recognize that this is somewhat of an overkill. I could have reduced the number of notches and achieved the same strength with much less effort! Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20!!!

flap nose ribs