I have already cut all the lightning holes and flanged them. Then I fabricated and installed the stiffeners. All that remains is to apply primer.

This view shows both ribs after forming. Next step is to cut and flange a LOT of lightning holes!

Here the first rib has been fluted and set aside while the second rib is being prepped. For these larger ribs, I opted to do all the finish work on the edges after the rib was clamped into the form blocks. I used a fine file to deburr and round the edges followed by fine sand paper.

After forming the rib, it has been removed from the form blocks and needs to be fluted to straighten it. I used the same fluting intervals on this rib as I had used on the nose ribs, center ribs, etc. I figured since it worked for those smaller ribs there was no reason it would not work for this one!

Pictured above is the first rib clamped into the form block ready for a little hammer action!

wingtip ribs

There are two wing tip ribs required, one for each wing. These ribs are constructed from .025" 2024-T3.